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TerpenePuff is a unique herbal blend enriched with high quality

terpenes, this blend can help you to quit smoking

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Therapeutic Benefits

Entourage Effect can induce sleep, relax muscles, reduce stress, elevate mood, increase energy, improve focus etc**

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100% Natural

The blend is made out of Indian basil, Bay leaves, Bishops weed, & Liquorice root enriched with naturally extracted terpenes

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Better Taste

Experience distinctive flavour & aroma like citrus, berry, pine, pepper, floral, herbal, mint etc of famous handpicked strains

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are responsible for the aroma & flavours of different strains & plants. They influence their effects & benefits by Entourage Effect.

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Herbal, Earthy, Musky

Relaxing, Calming, Anti-spasmodic & Sedative effect** 

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Pine, Slightly Woody

Alertness, Creativity, Memory Retention & Anti-inflammatory** 

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Fresh, Smoky, Sweet

Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Fungal,

Anti-Bacterial & Sedative Effect**

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Spicy, Pepper, Woody

Pain Relief, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Anxiety and Analgesic**

Citrus, Lemon, Orange

Elevated Mood, Stress Relief,

Anti-Depressant & Nausea**

Lavender, Floral, Sugar

Calming Action, Anxiety Relief, Aids Sleep & Sedative Effect**

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